Funaholics ~~It is that time of year! Are you hosting an oscar party?? Check out our tips and links!

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And the winner is….

1. Have your guests come in Oscar attire!

Tell your guests to get all dolled up and put on their best duds for the big night.  Bring out the tuxes and gowns for a night to remember!

2.  Hook up your microphone to your stereo and throw down a red carpet. Entertainment news is on the job!  Now arriving..

Buy a cheap microphone that you can hook up to your stereo system and announce your guests as walk through the door. Give it Flair!…

3.  Have comfortable seating and be ready for the start of the 84th Academy Awards!

Make sure everyone is happy and comfortable for red carpet time!

4. Cast your vote

Get the ballots ready and Make a game out of the night. Have your guests cast ballots on who they think the winner will be.  The winner –the one with the most correct answers receives a small, plastic version of the Oscar… or this is always fun to have each guest throw $2-$5 in the top hat and the winner goes home with a small stash of cash.. everyone will start to think a little harder about who will win that best documentary award!

Print your Ballot here!

5. It’s all about the apps – and we are not talking about the downloadable kind!

Have each guest bring their own favorite appetizer for everyone to share. They can also bring a bottle of wine, champagne or something non-alcoholic to wash it down.  If you, as the host, are feeling adventuresome. You might try:  One of these – Click here!

You can find out all the news HERE!

Oh, yeah, there really is an app ~~ the APP

Whatever you do, whether you are just curling up with an Oscar cocktail or some bubbly or hosting your very own Oscar party, HAVE FUN!!!!

Bulldogs will be!